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In 2001 I began dabbling in agency ownership, finally leaving my full-time job in 2005 to go all-in with ProtoFuse. For 13 years I’ve lead a small team of salaried employees, contractors, and partners and worked for 250 different businesses — ranging from 1 Million to 1 Billion in revenue.

Entrepreneurship provided a raw platform to rapidly hone my leadership, sales, and business management skills.



I was first exposed to digital marketing nearly 20 years ago as a fledgling Web Designer. Since then, I’ve had a front-row seat to the evolving digital marketing landscape and how businesses (from the Fortune 500 to Mom & Pop Shops) benefit from smart plans and measurable results.

I love setting a vision of a digital marketing plan, but also getting in the weeds with my team and helping with execution. I’m data-driven, can see the forest for the trees, and squeeze every penny out of a budget.



I continually strive to learn and implement best UX practices, including an emphasis on creating and using qualitative and quantitative data. Jacob Neilsen was once my enemy (“Flash is 99% Bad” – Circa 2000), but now his research is fundamental in how I approach UX.

Spearheading the UX on 100+ websites over the last decade not only sharpened my creative and technical skills, but honed my ability to bring together Founders, C-level, middle-management, and tactical resources to form and execute a vision.

More thoughts on UX: What is a UX Designer?



For over a decade I’ve been producing regular content on the ProtoFuse Blog and grew traffic organically from zero to nearly 10,000 sessions/month and 225+ different keywords on the 1st page of Google.

I founded and host the 1 to 10 Podcast to deepen my expertise within B2B marketing, connect with like-minded professionals, and grow a listenership. Every week I interview a Founder, CEO, VP, Sales or Marketing Leader at a B2B Tech company. I’m also a co-host of the #B2BWebsites series on the B2B Growth Show.

I also created the Old Man Dunk Contest — it’s early in development but I’m basically already an Instagram star.

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Humble Brag

ProtoFuse ranks #1 for “website consultant'”

I redesigned the main website of a $2B company

I pitched Stanford University – and won

My clients see at least 50% increase in quality leads


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