Dear Hazel – Your 5th Birthday

My little girl hit 5 this week.

Some of you know her, some of you know OF her.

In celebration of this little special human, here are 5 things you may or may not know about Hazel:

1. She’s intrinsically motivated to compete, win, be the first, get there the fastest (she heckles me on our drive to school), and all the things competition. Naturally. YET, she’s a gentle and loving spirit the next millisecond. She bounces back and forth with ease and I LOVE THAT.

She’s growing up to be like Andrew Luck. He gets, er, got destroyed by a defensive linemen, but peels himself off the grass and says ”nice hit big guy!” (Or throws a TD pass and gives the cornerback a hug).

2. This girl LOVES cats. I mean, like spot one out the window sitting under a parked car while we cruise down the street at 35+ mph type of love. It’s not if it’s WHEN there’s a cat adopted.

She won’t let us forget.


3. As most kids do, she loves herself a hot plain cheeseburger and chocolate milkshake. Her eyes light up at the idea of going for one. She also can crush pizza (sans crust) and associates this food with “movie night” since most pizza is consumed on Friday evenings as Dad and Mom just can’t parent anymore.

All American girl with all American tastebuds. Being a Midwest boy at heart, this makes me smile.

(Yes I know Pizza isn’t American – whatevs).

4. Frozen & dresses. Dear Lord the Elsa infatuation runs deep and wide. One minute she’s hanging on the basketball hoop, the next minute she’s changing into Anna’s dress. I pray, hope, and wish she continues to be OK with being a girly girl AND a tomboy. Be a strong independent woman that loves sparkles and shiny objects AND give those boys a run for their damn money.

I’m going to be your biggest cheerleader in everything you attempt. As coach Matt Nagy says, “Be You”.

5. People love being around Hazel. I may be biased, but so do I. And the formula is simple. She smiles a lot. She’s soft when she needs to be. She’s excited easily, and that energy is infectious. She’s kind (except when she’s low on sleep — sorry Roman), and genuinely loves people back.

Happy 5th Birthday Hazel, Daddy loves you more and more every day.