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In 2001 I began dabbling in agency ownership, finally leaving my full-time job in 2005 to go all-in with ProtoFuse. For 13 years I’ve lead a small team of salaried employees, contractors, and partners and worked for 250 different businesses — ranging from 1 Million to 1 Billion in revenue.

Entrepreneurship provided a raw platform to rapidly hone my leadership, sales, and business management skills.



I was first exposed to digital marketing nearly 20 years ago as a fledgling Web Designer. Since then, I’ve had a front-row seat to the evolving digital marketing landscape and how businesses (from the Fortune 500 to Mom & Pop Shops) benefit from smart plans and measurable results.

I love setting a vision of a digital marketing plan, but also getting in the weeds with my team and helping with execution. I’m data-driven, can see the forest for the trees, and squeeze every penny out of a budget.



I continually strive to learn and implement best UX practices, including an emphasis on creating and using qualitative and quantitative data. Jacob Neilsen was once my enemy (“Flash is 99% Bad” – Circa 2000), but now his research is fundamental in how I approach UX.

Spearheading the UX on 100+ websites over the last decade not only sharpened my creative and technical skills, but honed my ability to bring together Founders, C-level, middle-management, and tactical resources to form and execute a vision.

More thoughts on UX: What is a UX Designer?



For over a decade I’ve been producing regular content on the ProtoFuse Blog and grew traffic organically from zero to nearly 10,000 sessions/month and 225+ different keywords on the 1st page of Google.

I founded and host the 1 to 10 Podcast to deepen my expertise within B2B marketing, connect with like-minded professionals, and grow a listenership. Every week I interview a Founder, CEO, VP, Sales or Marketing Leader at a B2B Tech company. I’m also a co-host of the #B2BWebsites series on the B2B Growth Show.

I also created the Old Man Dunk Contest — it’s early in development but I’m basically already an Instagram star.

What Fuels Me







A Few Select Clients

Humble Brag

ProtoFuse ranks #1 for “website consultant'”

I redesigned the main website of a $2B company

I pitched Stanford University – and won

My clients see at least 50% increase in quality leads


Books Podcasts



Sep 2001 – Present

Founder & CEO


I started ProtoFuse (formerly named A2M Interactive, Inc.) in 2001 simply to do freelance work, and I’d design a website for anyone with $300 in their pocket. (Seriously.) As I refined my UX and digital marketing skills and gained business acumen, I went all-in with ProtoFuse on Jan. 1, 2005.

Over the next decade, my team designed websites and inbound marketing strategies for a variety of companies like Stanford University, Dixon Ticonderoga (remember the #2 pencil?), Carefree Communities (acquired in 2016 for $1.68B), and numerous B2B companies.

Today, I concentrate on exclusively on helping mid-sized B2B tech companies use digital marketing to grow revenue and improve their sales efficiency.


May 2019 – Present

Podcast Co-Host of #B2BWebsites series

B2B Growth Show

B2B Growth is a daily podcast dedicated to helping B2B marketing leaders achieve explosive growth. The show receives 145K downloads monthly, is ranked as a Top 100 Podcast in the ‘Business’ category of iTunes, and Forbes lists B2B Growth as the #1 podcast for B2B Entrepreneurs.

I lead conversations with marketing leaders around the best practices, tools, and strategies for B2B Websites.


April 2019 – Present

Partner & CMO

CB Supplements

Rapidly growing supplements company focused on the highest grade multi collagen protein powder.

I lead all digital marketing efforts to reach both B2C & B2B customers.


Aug 2018 – Present

Podcast Founder & Host

1 to 10

‘1 to 10’ is a podcast dedicated to sharing the stories of B2B tech companies that have scaled, or are currently scaling, from $1M to $10M and beyond.

I interview leaders of B2B Technology companies about the strategies and tactics used to grow from small to mid-size, catapulting their companies to the next level.


Jan 2005 – July 2013

Co-Founder & Lead Strategist

Caxiam Group
Our Alma Mater featured us in a publication in 2006.

I helped found this agency (the roots of what would become ProtoFuse) in a quaint townhome with a childhood friend and grew it steadily to a team of 10 salaried employees. I operated ProtoFuse as a division of Caxiam Group from 2005 to 2013.

We serviced over 75 very different clients spanning all types (B2B, B2C, Non-profit) such as Bahamas Electricity Corporation, Dixon Ticonderoga, Parrish Medical Center, Herff Jones, Inmark Packaging, and multiple startups.

As the brand of Caxiam Group grew, positioning and vision challenges surfaced because of its infrastructure, lack of positioning, and saturation of too many services. In early 2013, my team (and our clients) amicably left the umbrella of Caxiam Group, and the brand of ProtoFuse was officially born.

June 2003 – Dec 2004

Creative Lead

WildCard Systems

Lead a small design team in the creation of turnkey e-commerce website solutions and interactive training for all the major US Banks at the time, along with companies such as AAA, Visa, & ADP. I also collaborated with the CFO and Communications Director to design keynotes, sales presentations, and tradeshow displays. WildCard was eventually acquired by FIS, Inc. in 2005 for $228M.

Dec 1999 – May 2003

Web Designer, Flash Designer

WildCard Systems

Designed and developed custom websites for small businesses from the ground up. Also was the lead Flash animator for multiple interactive applications that were used as training materials for companies like AAA & Visa.

Jun 1997 – Aug 1997

Mechanical Engineer Intern

Illinois Force

I was awarded a 3 month internship program right after High School at a local forging company. I shadowed the Engineering department, helping adjust and plan CAD drawings for over 50 unique parts being shipped throughout the US.

The internship, along with my first semester at the University of Wisconsin Platteville, was enough exposure to the Engineering field for me to realize my pursuit wasn’t backed by passion and I needed to shift my educational focus.



EntreLeadership Master Series

Dave Ramsey’s Leadership Training & Coaching

EntreLeadership is focused on small business entrepreneurs who are seeking to grow and lead with intentional leadership. The Master Series was a week long intense training held in Orlando, FL in 2011.


AS, Digital Media

Full Sail University

I graduated at the end of 1999 right smack dab in the middle of the dot-com boom. While at Full Sail, I learned the basics of Web Design & Development, Interactive Media (the medium was CDs at the time), Design Theory, and Animation. I was also exposed to Audio and Video Production and collaborated with other students in that discipline to create multiple productions (e.g. TV Shows, Commercials, etc.).

My final project was an interactive CD-Rom built in Macromedia Director — a Led Zeppelin Documentary that took 500+ hours of research, planning, asset gathering, design, programming, and testing.


Mechanical Engineering

University of Wisconsin-Platteville

It took just a single semester for me realize Mechanical Engineering wasn’t my passion. So, I surrendered a 4 year scholarship and a sport I loved to play (Football), and moved myself half-way across the country to Orlando, Florida to attend a tech school (Full Sail University).

I have zero regrets. (Though I do miss tackling running backs).


High School Diploma

Sterling High School

National Honor Society, All-Conference Football, All-Area Football, All-Conference Academic, Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Choir, Fine Arts.

Digital Marketing Tactics

Search Engine Marketing (Organic)

Lead Generation


Conversion Optimization


Search Engine Marketing (Paid)

Social Media Marketing

Marketing Automation

Email Marketing

Digital Marketing Services & Tools

Google Analytics


SEO Rush


Google Tag Manager


Google Search Console

Google AdWords

Website Planning




Content Mgt Systems








Business Tools




Google Docs



Uber Conference



Harvest (Timesheets & Forecasting)


Evernote (My digital brain!)


James Carbary

Founder & CEO / Sweet Fish Media

I first met Eric by finding his company through a Google search, and I’ve been impressed since our very first conversation. He combines deep expertise and knowledge with an extremely approachable and down to earth demeanor.

Stephanie Martin

Marketing Manager / Sun Communities

When it comes to creating professional, attractive, and effective websites — there is no one else I would trust.

Steve Larrivee

VP of Sales & Marketing / Cactus Technologies

Eric’s work on our digital marketing had a ROI within 4 short months. Our website continues to generate quality leads EVERY WEEK for us.


Invited Guest

I’ve been a podcast guest on variety of shows (mainly in marketing), here are my favorites.

B2B Growth Show

Daily podcast that helps B2B marketing leaders achieve explosive growth. 

Press This: The WordPress Community Podcast

Features exclusive content and interviews with leaders in the WordPress community

Sunny Side by Demand Matrix

Shares concentrated analysis and advice from startup founders, B2B marketers, sales and product leaders

Founded, Host, & Co-Host

Every month I’m recording 3-5 new episodes for the following shows.

1 to 10

Founder & Host

1 to 10 is a podcast I started in the Fall of 2018. It’s dedicated to sharing the stories of B2B tech companies that have scaled, or are currently scaling, from $1M to $10M and beyond.


B2B Growth (#B2BWebsites series)


I create topics and lead conversations with B2B marketing experts around the best practices, tools, and strategies for B2B Websites.


What I Listen To

When I’m not talking on podcasts, I’m listening to these shows.


These weekly interviews with today’s top thought leaders will help you grow, develop your team, and provide inspiration to boost your bottom line.


2 Bobs

Conversations on the art of creative entrepreneurship hosted by Blair Enns & David C. Baker.



From the makers of the WHOOP band, this podcast is all about the passion to improve. What does it take to optimize performance for athletes, for executives, for anyone?


TWiT (This Week in Tech)

Since 2005, TWIT has provided news, commentary, help, how-to and perspective on the latest trends in digital tech from seasoned experts and journalists.


Masters of Scale

Founded by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and investor at Greylock. In each episode, Reid shows how companies grow from zero to a gazillion, testing his theories with legendary leaders.


Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

Offers personal, practical coaching lessons that take the mystery out of leadership.



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