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Digital Marketer. Website Consultant. Content Creator. Entrepreneur.

The businesses and projects capturing my attention & energy.

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My entrepreneur itch officially began in 2001 and I scratched it by founding ProtoFuse.

I started humbly, designing a website for anyone with $300 in their pocket. As I refined my UX and digital marketing skills and gained business acumen, a profitable business enabled me to leave my 9-5 corporate design position on January 1, 2005 and focus on ProtoFuse full-time.

Over the next 15 years, my team designed websites and digital marketing strategies for a variety of companies like Stanford University, Dixon Ticonderoga (remember the #2 pencil?), Carefree Communities (acquired in 2016 for $1.68B), and numerous B2B companies.

Today, it's the hub to all my professional website consulting.

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Partner, CMO

This multi collagen powder supplement start-up approached me in 2019 to lead all digital marketing for both B2C and B2B markets.

I helped increase revenue by 2,000% in just 3 years.

Over 90% of new customer acquisition comes from Google organic search through a content strategy (sub-branded "Collagen College") that I spearheaded, maintain, and grow.

Healthy Dad Hacks

Content-based Website

My first content-based website I founded in 2022 that allows me to write and share about things true to my heart.

I monetize through various affiliate marketing programs and Google AdSense. I haven't quite decided if the website is a long-term passion play to retain and grow, or simply sell in 3-5 years when it's ready.

If you're a high-performing Dad and health is one of your top priorities — you'll find these dad hacks useful!

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Content-based Website

Fun personal project I started in 2018 where I created 60 second dunking videos with my kids and shared on Facebook & IG.

I shifted the intent and focus in late 2023 towards a content-based website focused on curating thousands of funny basketball memes. The website sells ad revenue with Google AdSense and utilizes Amazon affiliate links.

Organic traffic grows month-after-month by at least 100%.

In addition, I'm dabbling in Facebook monetization ("Bonuses Program") for added revenue opportunities for the brand.